Serenity Topic Wrap-up 20: Do-Over
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Serenity Wrap-up #20 (Do-Over)

As a child and young adult, most learning and skills came fairly easy to me. I was rarely the worst in the class and often the best; even in jobs I loathed, my manager usually praised my performance. On…

Serenity Tip: Do you confuse hunger and thirst?
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Serenity Tip: Hunger and Thirst

There’s a chance you’ve heard this before but it’s definitely worth repeating. When you think you’re hungry, there’s a strong likelihood you’re not, and that your body needs hydration instead. I get this wrong all the time. In fact,…

Serenity Project 20: Do-Over
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Serenity Project 20: Do-Over

The Serenity Topic for the next two weeks is brilliantly simple: pick one of the previous topics which intrigued you, but where you feel you didn’t give it your best shot. And try again! I was deeply disappointed that…

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Help Me Pick a Book Title

UPDATE: Thank you all for the input, both here and elsewhere on social media. The winning title is Attention Span and I’ll be sharing more details soon! I’ve posted this question on Facebook but wanted to collect any extra…