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Free! Attention Span and other stories

I’m delighted to announce that Attention Span and other stories is now available. For free! Get your free copy as a mobi (for Kindle readers), epub or pdf here at Smashwords. The book is also listed on Amazon for…

Serenity Tip: Bake Bread from Scratch
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Serenity Tip: Bake From Scratch

This is truly a “back to basics” tip. It’s an activity which forces you to slow down, requires gentle concentration and patience, provides the satisfaction of achievement, and nourishes both body and soul. Yes, I’m talking about baking. Ideally,…

Three word stories
Short Stories

Three Word Stories

Short stories are on my mind at the moment as I’m working like crazy to get Attention Span and other stories ready for release very soon! This collection features tales of varying lengths, the shortest just ninety-nine words. So…