Time is something you make
Time Management

Time Tips: My Top 5

Time’s been on my mind this week, and not just because I’m off to England for some family fun, and trying to pull a few ends together before I go. So I’ve gathered here the posts containing my most…

6 Months of No Shopping | Pauline Wiles
Clutter, Your Surroundings

Interview: 6 Months of No Shopping

Since leaving my day job I’ve made a conscious effort to buy less “stuff”. It makes sense for me economically, and also feels appropriate, given that I’m blessed by plentiful possessions, a gym membership and a library card! But…


Guest Post at 85K90

My guest post today at the 85K Writing Challenge combines two topics close to my heart: writing and serenity. 5 Ways for a Writer to Recharge discusses the benefits of pausing during the writing process, to avoid burnout and…