Indie With Ease

Stress-free ways to conquer overwhelm, boost productivity, and love your self-publishing career.

Indie With Ease | Pauline Wiles

Coming 2018

In a recent survey of indie authors, over 80% reported feeling stressed and overwhelmed about their indie writing business.

As an indie author myself with over a quarter of a million words published in four books, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. But I firmly believe being an indie should be a delight, not a drudgery.

So, in Indie with Ease I share lessons from both myself and other authors on how to write, publish and market your book without losing your marbles. This is not just another self-publishing how-to, but a guide to your wellbeing, productivity and serenity as an author.

You’ll learn how to set authentic goals, how to know yourself better as a writer, how to nurture your creativity, juggle different tasks, and take care of yourself through your author journey.

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