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Marks and Spencer's US site
British Gifts & Products

Hello, Marks & Spencer

Iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer recently announced they’ve launched a website specifically for customers in the United States. While the social media reaction was generally positive, there was much dismay that M&S sandwiches are not available for dispatch…

British Gifts & Products

13 British Gift Ideas

I treated myself recently to a frivolous order from British icon Marks and Spencer, who are currently offering free shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The ridiculous speed (3 days) with which my goodies arrived led…

Emma Bridgewater
British Gifts & Products

British Gifts in the USA

Since moving from England to California, I’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of British companies whose products are available in the USA (and possibly Canada, too). If you’re located west of the pond but would like to…

All products, Marks & Spencer
British Gifts & Products

Free shipping from Marks & Sparks

I interrupt the regular business of this blog to bring joyful news: for a limited time, iconic British department store Marks and Spencer is offering free shipping to the USA and Canada. Let’s just have a moment of silence…