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Guest Post at #NaNoProMo

Author friends, have you checked out #NaNoProMo yet? It’s a month-long festival of book promotion tips and writerly giveaways, hosted by Rachel of BadRedHead Media. The event is named to inspire those who’ve done National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)…

Indie with Ease | Pauline Wiles
Writer's Life

Cover Reveal: Indie With Ease

This is my first foray into nonfiction, combining lessons from publishing four books with key themes from the Serenity Project. Indie With Ease is aimed at writers, particularly those who want to pursue the self-publishing route but feel overwhelmed…

Energy, Writer's Life

Guest Post at 85K90

My guest post today at the 85K Writing Challenge combines two topics close to my heart: writing and serenity. 5 Ways for a Writer to Recharge discusses the benefits of pausing during the writing process, to avoid burnout and…

Up and Away | Pauline Wiles
Serenity Project, Writer's Life

Up and Away!

I made a huge and exciting change last week: I left my day job. Thanks to my incredibly supportive hubby, the decision was made in January and, as well as working out my notice, I’ve spent almost three months…

A Boost of Motivation | Pauline Wiles
Writer's Life

A Boost of Motivation

Sometimes, even though I don’t realize it, my motivation flags. Because writing often involves long-term projects which require months of work before seeing results, and because, frankly, my income from those projects is modest at best, it can be…

Writer's Life

Guest Post at Introvert Retreat

You can catch up with me today at Introvert Retreat, with this guest post where I suggest Packing Tips for Introverts. If you’re going on a trip (conference, vacation with friends or maybe a family reunion) where spending lots…