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Conference Tips for Introverts
Writer's Life

Conference Tips for Introverts

Next week, I’m heading to the San Francisco Writers Conference for the fourth time. This year, I’m better prepared than ever, both in terms of logistics and mental readiness. If you’re an introvert like me, the idea of attending…

Attention Span and other stories
Short Stories

Free! Attention Span and other stories

I’m delighted to announce that Attention Span and other stories is now available. For free! Get your free copy as a mobi (for Kindle readers), epub or pdf here at Smashwords. The book is also listed on Amazon for…

Three word stories
Short Stories

Three Word Stories

Short stories are on my mind at the moment as I’m working like crazy to get Attention Span and other stories ready for release very soon! This collection features tales of varying lengths, the shortest just ninety-nine words. So…

Books & Writing, Short Stories

Help Me Pick a Book Title

UPDATE: Thank you all for the input, both here and elsewhere on social media. The winning title is Attention Span and I’ll be sharing more details soon! I’ve posted this question on Facebook but wanted to collect any extra…