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The Illuminator's Gift
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Gift idea: The Illuminator’s Gift

I’ve only just started reading The Illuminator’s Gift by Alina Sayre and I’m already hooked. If you’re buying a treat for anyone aged 9-14 this year, take a good look at this indie novel. True, I’m no expert with…

What Tim Knows
Other Authors, Reading

Gift idea: What Tim Knows

When you want to offer just a token gift, but feel that a sugary treat is too predictable, how about an e-book? It’s straightforward to give a specific e-book on Amazon and a short story collection is a robust…

Dharma Cats by Judy Taylor
Other Authors, Reading

Gift idea: Dharma Cats

When I reflect upon 2016, I’m particularly grateful for the opportunities to get to know other indie authors. Whether through the special day for this in October, or online interactions, I’m incredibly impressed by the talent in this group…