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Author Interview Tracey Gemmell
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Author Interview: Tracey Gemmell

While I was writing Indie With Ease, which publishes this week, I was lucky to connect with no fewer than 15 indie authors who kindly shared their wisdom and contributions for the book. (See who contributed here.) Everyone who…

Indie with Ease: contributing authors
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Indie With Ease: Contributing Authors

I’d like to give a special shout-out to the authors who have kindly contributed wisdom to Indie With Ease. I’m deep in the editing phase and am particularly grateful for the additional perspective these folks have offered: Author Genre…

The Illuminated Kingdom
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The Illuminated Kingdom

To celebrate the release of the fourth and final book in her middle grades fantasy series, I was delighted to catch up with author Alina Sayre and find out more about how she balances her writing life. I adored…

The Illuminator's Gift
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Gift idea: The Illuminator’s Gift

I’ve only just started reading The Illuminator’s Gift by Alina Sayre and I’m already hooked. If you’re buying a treat for anyone aged 9-14 this year, take a good look at this indie novel. True, I’m no expert with…

What Tim Knows
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Gift idea: What Tim Knows

When you want to offer just a token gift, but feel that a sugary treat is too predictable, how about an e-book? It’s straightforward to give a specific e-book on Amazon and a short story collection is a robust…