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Stories on our faces
Writer's Life

The Stories on Our Faces

A recent haircut led me to rethink my profile picture and author photo. Much to my surprise, the previous one turned out to be seven years old. So, ignoring all the advice about paying for professional photography (where’s the…

Authors and Energy
Writer's Life

Authors and Energy

I feel so much better now I finally understand I’m not the only author whose energy deserts them from time to time. Many, many writer friends – especially indie authors – have mentioned the need to refill the creative…

Photo: New York Times
Reading, Writer's Life

What Am I Up To?

In case things seem a bit quiet on the blog, here’s an update on some of the projects swirling around my head. (Note to self: remember to glide more, flap less.) Book 3 in the Saffron Sweeting series, Sweet…

Indie Author Day, Redwood City Library, 2-4pm
Writer's Life

Author Event: Stop Dreaming & Start Writing

As part of Indie Author Day on Saturday October 8th, I’m excited to be speaking at Redwood City Library in northern California. I’ll be giving an overview of the indie publishing process, entitled Stop Dreaming and Start Writing, with…

Blue swan
Serenity Project, Writer's Life

Glide More, Flap Less

I have a new mantra: Glide More, Flap Less. As of this moment, I’m making a public commitment to go a little easier on myself. I’ve already blogged about the pressure I put myself under to publish Sweet Pursuits…