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Guest Post at 85K90

My guest post today at the 85K Writing Challenge combines two topics close to my heart: writing and serenity. 5 Ways for a Writer to Recharge discusses the benefits of pausing during the writing process, to avoid burnout and…

Serenity Topic Wrap-up 20: Do-Over
Energy, Serenity Project

Serenity Wrap-up #20 (Do-Over)

As a child and young adult, most learning and skills came fairly easy to me. I was rarely the worst in the class and often the best; even in jobs I loathed, my manager usually praised my performance. On…

Serenity Wrap-up 17: Loose Ends
Energy, Serenity Project

Serenity Wrap-up #17 (Loose Ends)

I embarked on this serenity topic cautiously. On the one hand, the idea of finishing or forgetting certain nagging to-dos appealed to me greatly. But I also know that having less on the list in the first place is…

Serenity Project 17: Loose Ends
26 Topics, Energy, Serenity Project

Serenity Project 17: Loose Ends

I admit I’m not jumping with enthusiasm for this next serenity topic but it makes compelling sense to me that serenity is diminished by unfinished business. I’m talking loose ends, half-hearted projects, and niggling to-dos which we keep intending…

Serenity Project Wrap-up 15
Energy, Serenity Project

Serenity Wrap-up #15 (Be Inspired)

The idea behind Being Inspired was that absorbing encouraging stories from others can bring us comfort about the path we’re on, the dreams we aspire to, and the wrinkles in our daily lives. It’s closely related, in my mind,…