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Serenity Tip about checking email
Mindfulness, Quick Tips

Serenity Tip: How Often Do You Check Email?

I was fascinated to hear there’s a correlation between how often you check email and how stressed you are. More checking goes hand-in-hand with increased anxiety (and decreased serenity) in your life: Now, let’s not confuse correlation with causation. …

Little Mama Jama

10 Low Cost Mood Boosters

Whether you’re a writer, a waiter, a wife, a waif, a webmaster or a weather forecaster, there are times when we all feel a little down. As I get older, I’m getting better at recognising the blues and shaking…

Print: Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Keep Calm and Keep Calm: Seasonal Advice

We’re heading into silly season. Everywhere you turn, you’re faced with information on beautifying your home, your present-buying and your relationships. You’re expected to emerge from the kitchen with not only meals for your family, but edible gifts, too.…