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Why Serenity is Like Night Vision
Rest, Serenity Project

Why Serenity is Like Night Vision

I never really enjoyed biology classes in school, but apparently I was paying moderate attention the day we talked about human vision in the dark. Many of us who are awake during the night, perhaps navigating our bedroom without…

Serenity Project update 4: Joy Every Day
Rest, Serenity Project

Joy Every Day: Halfway Update

The current serenity topic isn’t complicated: simply make sure you spend 15-30 minutes every day doing something you love to do. I came up with this theme because I was beginning to feel I’d forgotten how to have fun,…

The Serenity Project 4: Joy Every Day
26 Topics, Rest, Serenity Project

Serenity 4: Joy Every Day

Topic 3 Wrap-up: Build Your Overwhelm Kit The last two weeks provided a pleasant opportunity to consider which items, foods and activities comfort me and belong in my Overwhelm Kit. I definitely have a better appreciation for tools and…