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Time is something you make
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My Top 5 Posts About Time

Time’s been on my mind this week, and not just because I’m off to England for some family fun, and trying to pull a few ends together before I go. No, I was also struck by this wise advice…

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No Such Thing as Ready

I was going to title this post “Life lessons from NaNoWriMo” but I realised that people who didn’t take part in National Novel Writing Month are sick of hearing about it, and those that did are either a) feverishly,…

One Fine Stay
Serenity Project, Time

In Praise of White Space

I recently watched some videos on basic graphic design techniques, hosted by the talented team at Before & After. Although I don’t consider myself at all skilled in this area, I loved seeing examples of designs which work well,…


Making Time to Smell the Flowers

I’m fascinated with time management. Since long before I was a Professional Organizer and years before my current struggles to fit novel-writing alongside a day job, I have loved to read ideas from others on planning and using our…

House of Fifty

Time Management Secrets of Serene Women

Each of us has just 1440 short minutes in every day. Into that, we must cram work, family, friends, sleep, home, hobbies, and health. Why is it some women glide along serenely and apparently in control, while the rest…