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Serenity 0: Where Are You Now?

I’m truly excited to welcome 2017 and the beginning of the Serenity Project! You can learn more about why I feel the need for this here.

Before launching into the 26 topics I plan to explore, to see if I can finally learn to glide more and flap less, it makes sense to pause to figure out where I am. If you hope to follow parts of the project, I invite you to do the same!

Firstly, here’s a 5 minute serenity checkup. I encourage you to download this and jot down your thoughts. Don’t think too hard; go with your instincts. But do save your answers somewhere, as we’ll be coming back to them:

5 Minute Serenity Check

Next, for something more visual: our lives are complicated and we play many roles. Does your serenity vary according to the area of your life? I know mine does: for example, I’m feeling fairly serene about health and relationships, but troubled by work. Download this serenity chart and color or mark how you’re feeling in different aspects:

Free serenity chart

Finally, I’m convinced some of us need a Serenity Project more than others, and I believe it’s strongly driven by our personalities and our circumstances. I came up with the following Overwhelm Workbook which is available in my Serenity Resource Library, available to subscribers only. To get free access, just sign up for email updates below. You’ll then get the link and password in your inbox:

Free overwhelm workbook

Tomorrow, the Serenity Project officially kicks off, and I’ll be back to outline what you can expect if you follow along with me. Then, on Monday, I’ll be getting my teeth into the first topic! I’d love for you to join me.




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