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Serenity Project 23: Make a Happy File

I’ve dabbled in this before but since November, in the USA, is traditionally a time when we pause to be grateful and give thanks, this is the perfect moment to introduce Serenity Topic 23: Make a Happy File.

Serenity Project 23: Make a Happy File

I’m intending this to be easy, enjoyable and uplifting. Simply pick your preferred format (maybe a physical scrapbook, or private Pinterest board) and start gathering your successes and reasons for gratitude. Many people keep a journal to record happy moments, which is wonderful, but images lend an extra dimension to this joyful exercise.

Two years ago I made one of these for my author persona but I’m keen to expand it to other areas of my life.

So, why not set aside thirty minutes and compile a visual reminder of all that’s precious, treasured and happy for you? You might even want several. Let me know how it goes.

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