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Serenity 6: Peace of Mind

Topic 5 Wrap-up: Give Something Up

With Lent as the trigger, I suggested you pick something meaningful and measurable to give up for two weeks (and then continue, if it seemed beneficial). I chose a technology curfew: no computer use after 8PM.

I was aware that lurking on my laptop started to become a habit during the really busy January phase of launching my third novel, but, stepping back from my routine, knew I didn’t want the kind of life where I was in front of a screen 10-12 hours a day. During the week, I get up at 5:15AM, so 8PM is later than it sounds.

Yes, there were a couple of times I had to kick myself to shut down, but in general this new rule was easy to stick to and I managed 100% success. While I’m not sure I feel significantly different as a result, I like the rule for its own sake and I believe it opens space for other serene habits, like Treasuring My Twilight. I’m giving this variant of Give Something Up 4 out of 5 stars and plan to continue.

Topic 6: Peace of Mind

I admit I’m not particularly looking forward to this topic. But I chose it because niggling worries can undermine serenity in subtle yet significant ways. Every so often, I remember I really should complete a small or mid-sized task which would enhance my health, safety or security.

Serenity Project topic 6: Peace of Mind

During the next two weeks I invite you to consider which of these (or similar) to-dos are preventing peace of mind for you?

  • A health check-up for you or a loved one.
  • Taking out or renewing insurance of any type. (In my family, we’re big believers that you should insure yourself if you can afford to do so. But for losses you couldn’t weather financially, the policy is the way to go.)
  • Working smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Basic knowledge of first-aid.
  • A few self-defense moves.
  • An ID chip for your pet.
  • Saving for an emergency fund.
  • A safety check for your car, bike or other equipment.
  • An emergency plan for your family, including one that adapts for both freeze and flee.

Tasks like these don’t excite me and I’ve had a first-aid booklet on my TBR pile for ages. Hopefully some public accountability shakes me into action!

How about you? Are there any niggling worries like this in your life? If so, join me and let’s see if we can boost our serenity together. I’ll report back next week.



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