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Serenity Project 16: Spend a Day Outdoors

I’m really excited to try Serenity Topic 16. I’m blocking out a day in my calendar (who knew that was so hard to do?) and intend to spend the whole time outside. Numerous studies have shown the calming effects of being close to nature and I know that my energy jumps significantly if I get some air in the middle of my day. So I’m going to gulp in as much oxygen as I can and see if this mini retreat brings a noticeable serenity boost.

Serenity Topic 16: Spend a Day Outdoors

The ideal scenario, of course, would be camping, where you’re automatically removed from indoor living and the technology-based distractions which accompany it. But since the mere thought of tents makes me shudder (glamping is as near as I get, thank you very much, and even that must have an en-suite bathroom…) I’m staying closer to home, most likely on my back deck.

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Scheduling, as I mentioned, is tricky: I’m crossing my fingers for weather which isn’t too chilly but not sweltering either. If it does turn out to be really baking, I may try to sleep outside, but the Wiles family doesn’t own any suitable gear (see above), so that plan may fizzle in the wee small hours. And, as already mentioned, I’m allowing myself trips inside to use the loo. This is about serenity, not austerity, after all!

If you fancy trying something similar, and assuming wilderness camping either isn’t your thing or can’t be scheduled, here are a few activities on my agenda which you could adopt:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Crafting, colouring, doodling
  • Reading (yay!)
  • Napping
  • Writing (I’m pondering whether to allow a laptop into this experiment…)
  • Gardening & weeding
  • Grilling/barbecuing/picnicking
  • Cloud-gazing

I realise that the August climate may not be ideal for these antics in your part of the world, but if you manage to dedicate a day for outdoor pursuits, I’d love to hear how it goes.

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