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Serenity Topics: The Scores So Far!

Although when I started the Serenity Project I framed it as an undertaking for 2017, it’s now clear to me I need to continue. Not only is this more of a journey than a destination, but there were a few topics which I did not test adequately during last year, so they’re going back on the menu again.

Serenity Project Scores

However, I had a delightful time revisiting what I have tried already and reviewing what, in serenity terms, gave the biggest bang for the buck. Here are my scores for each topic so far:

5 stars

4 stars

3 stars

2 stars

1 star

No verdict yet: watch this space

Naturally, your mileage with these will vary. There may be some of the above which you loved, and some which left you underwhelmed. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and hope very much you’ll stay with me for continued explorations of what it means to glide more, flap less.

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    Tracey Gemmell
    January 10, 2018 at 7:16 am

    We spent a lifetime getting into the habit of flapping so learning to glide will definitely take more than a year! Delighted to hear the Serenity Project will continue.

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