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Serenity Wrap-up #16 (Spend a Day Outdoors)

I’m a huge fan of fresh air and I chose this topic in the belief that dedicating time to being outside would be an invigorating change.

Unfortunately, the unpredictable climate of northern California messed up my intentions…

Serenity Project Wrap-up 16

Starting with the good news, I did manage about 12 hours outside, and very soothing they were, too. The not so good news: I was asleep. My plan, you see, was to snore outside for Saturday night, and then spend the whole of Sunday au dehors on the delightful activities identified here.

The reality:

  • I bedded down about 9PM on Saturday – without a tent, just so you know. Want proof? Scroll down.
  • There was a surprising amount of traffic noise, but this died down by midnight, when I found watching the moon, stars and wispy clouds exceedingly serene. Liberal use of bug spray helped, too.
  • I slept moderately well until about 7 the next morning, when I allowed myself a shower, then toddled back outside again for breakfast and a spot of meditation.
  • Shortly after, I discovered with horror that I’d been snapped at first light, unconscious, snuggled under my duvet and sporting a Squaw Valley ski hat for warmth. However, Crate and Barrel might like to know their garden furniture makes a surprisingly comfortable bed:

    Serenity Project 16 - sleeping!

    Photo by Darius Wiles, taken entirely without the subject’s permission.

  • The trouble was, by 9AM, I was absolutely baking. At that point I retroactively decided I hadn’t slept well at all and crept off for a nap in my cool, indoor bedroom. And by the time I woke up, several hours later, I was so annoyed with myself I declared game over.

On the one hand, I’m deeply disappointed my set-aside-for-outside day didn’t pan out. But then I recognised my over-achieving tendency and am trying to focus on the 12 hours which did work as planned. And I fully intend to try another day, later in the year, when the weather has cooled off. As you can see from the photo, I’m accomplished at burrowing under a quilt.

I’m not yet giving a star rating for this topic: the serenity jury will reconvene outdoors in the autumn!

If you spent a chunk of time in the fresh air this week, I’d love to hear about it. Perhaps you did better than me at working with the weather where you live. And I hope no photographers were lurking nearby…

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