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Questions to Review Your Year

We still have a good two weeks left in 2018 so I’m not suggesting it’s “all over” yet! Depending on your circumstances, you still have time to complete an important project, plan for a new one, or start a healthy habit this year. However, I can’t deny that the last days of the current calendar are an excellent time for some self-reflection, so that you can be mindful and purposeful in moving forward. Here are 7 questions to review your year:

21 Questions to Review Your Year | Pauline Wiles

7 Questions to Review Your Year:

  1. What did you hope to achieve this year?
  2. To what extent have you met those goals? What were your successes?
  3. What got in your way? What setbacks did you encounter?
  4. Were you clear about your priorities this year?
  5. Did you change course dramatically, if so, why?
  6. Did you experience any radical changes in circumstances, personal or professional tragedies? Have you allowed enough time to process those?
  7. What did you enjoy most about this year?

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Questions for next year:

Looking ahead, these reflections should spark ideas for what you want, or need to change.

  1. What one thing would you most like to change for next year?
  2. What one exciting project would you like to tackle next year?
  3. What one healthy habit would you like to adopt? Have you identified a small, measurable step?
  4. Are you  being realistic in your hopes, goals and resolutions for next year?

Hopefully, these questions will help you appreciate 2018 and help you set purposeful goals for 2019. I would love to hear if this reflection process sparked useful insights for you.

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