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5 Sites to Visit, Before You Start Your Novel

It’s time to stop beating about the bush and get this out there. I am writing a novel. There. I’ve said it.

It started out as pure fun, then became a project ‘I just want to finish’, but now, after 78,000 words, I think I might have something that others would want to read, too.

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I’m embarrassed because I have friends who are real writers. Never mind that I have had nine non-fiction pieces published (yes, with payment). The fact remains, I have not written fiction since I was sixteen. Twenty-five years later, here I am, giving it a whirl. Is the phrase ‘mid-life-crisis’ coming to mind yet?

If you have found this page and are on the brink of declaring yourself about to begin your first novel, I salute you, I respect you, and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll be right there back at you.

Nonetheless, I suggest – no, urge – you to view these 5 links first:

  1. So You Want to Write a Novel (video)
  2. So You Want to be a Writer (poem by Charles Bukowski)
  3. So You Want to Write a Novel (The Next Big Writer)
  4. Feeling daunted yet? Check out Famous Author Rejection letters (Writer’s Relief) – and scroll down to the list of authors who struggled to get published.
  5. And to finish: Just Write the Damned Book Already (Joseph Finder).

Now, what are you waiting for?  …See you in the slush pile.

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    July 31, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Novels seem so daunting from my end, but you’ve definitely moved well beyond the blank page stage. If it’s *about* a mid-life crisis I’ll sign up for an advanced copy now….[Best of luck!]

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