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3 Beautiful Book Bloggers

In recent weeks I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with several book bloggers, many of whom have been kind enough to add Sweet Pursuits to their review pile.

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to these unsung heroes of the world of fiction, who dive intrepidly into submissions from authors both famous and unknown, construct thoughtful reviews, and help spread the word about titles their readers may enjoy. Their support and enthusiasm is a real treat for an author who might otherwise struggle to be discovered.

Linking to everyone who has responded to my outreach would be impractical but a few bloggers stood out for a non-bookish reason: their site design is particularly appealing and made it a real pleasure to linger and explore. Here are just three who go beyond books and into the area of a delightful visual experience:

1. For an all-round girly experience with plenty of make-up advice, Lipsticks and Chick Lit has this beautiful header:

Book BLog Lipsticks and Chick Lit

2. I’m totally in love with the gorgeous pastels and custom icon designs at Lost in Literature:

Lost in Literature Book Blog

3. And how’s this for a unique idea: for books she really loves, Jennie Shaw does her nails to match the cover. These are mini works of art and genuinely stopped me in my tracks. Here’s an example and there are further clever cover interpretations on her site:

Book blogger Jennie Shaw does manis to match

Like many readers, I freely admit that covers are a big part of my choice of books, and a pretty blog page goes a long way to pulling me in, too. How about you: are you all about the content, or does site design matter?



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