Why work with me?

Are you baffled by where to start in creating a simple, modern website that represents your writing life?

Do you aspire to top quality from a website design company focused on your needs... but without breaking the bank?

When you work with me, I’ll use my expert technical skills, design know-how, and personal experience as an author to create your beautiful, professional website. As well as a custom design to reflect perfectly who you are, your website will connect you with your ideal reader on a personal level.

In other words, we’ll build a website you’re proud of.

I designed and built my first website back in 2000. Since then, I’ve watched with curiosity and excitement as the technology for getting online has become simpler and more affordable.

I’ve published six of my own books, with over 90,000 sales & downloads.

My website is my online linchpin, and I can’t imagine life without it. But… at writing events and conferences, I was dismayed to find writers and authors like you completely overwhelmed by the challenge of setting up your own site.

“A webpage that captured everything I imagined and more.”
“Pauline is knowledgeable, talented, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without reservation.”
“Pauline created a site on which I’m proud to display my work.”

Not only can I help with your online home, but I’m eager to dispel some of the myths around how difficult – and how expensive – websites should be.

When I design your website, I bring seven years of book marketing experience.

 With me as your friendly accountability partner, your project will move smoothly from start to finish. I’ve made the mistakes already, so you don’t have to!

You’ll get more of the features you need, less of what you don’t, and all in the most cost-effective way.
You’ll spend less time worrying about technology, and more time writing.

I was born in Cambridge, England and moved to California in 2004. When I’m not creating beautifully simple websites, you’ll find me running, reading, or searching for my next venue to enjoy tea and a slice of cake.

I'm waiting to work with you!

Are we a good fit? If any of these apply, then yes!

  • You’re a writer or author who wants a simple, stylish online presence.
  • On a big project like a website, you sometimes suffer from procrastination, so you’d like a friendly accountability partner in getting it finished.
  • You don’t mind my British accent and occasional indecision about UK versus US spelling!
  • You love to read. Any form of reading is fine by me, but if you like romantic comedies set in England, then I’ve written some novels you might like.
  • You believe in productivi-tea. In other words: drinking tea gives us superpowers!
  • You love cakes, bread, carbs and anything in the “baked” category. But you’re OK with moving to burn it all off, too.

Free website starter kit

Not quite ready to reach out to me? Download your free Simple Website Starter Kit instead. It will guide you through the initial decisions you need to make, with 8 clearly explained steps. You’ll feel confident and ready to take action.

Simple Website Starter Kit

10 facts about me

  • I was born in Cambridge, England and lived in London before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004.
  • The last consonant I learned to pronounce was “W”. My childhood name for myself was Pom.
  • I’ve flown in Concorde to New York, a hot-air balloon in Vermont, and a seaplane in the Maldives.
  • My favourite colour is dark purple, more specifically eggplant (if you’re American) or aubergine (if not).
  • My husband taught me the basics of windsurfing. I got good enough to fall off a windsurfing board in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, plus the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas.
  • If you made me choose between alcohol and tea, Earl Grey would win. My favourite hideaway to enjoy luxury afternoon tea is Dukes Hotel in London.
  • I’m a slow but determined runner. My second marathon in Reykjavik, Iceland, was probably my last!
  • My Olympic sport would be afternoon napping. And I’ve never yet met an airplane seat I can’t fall asleep in.
  • Leaving my family in England and shipping everything I owned a distance of 5,000 miles was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
  • When I’m sick, my go-to movies are Bridget Jones’s Diary and Pride & Prejudice.

I'm waiting to work with you!

The formal bio

Pauline Wiles is a website designer who builds a simple, stylish online presence for authors and writers.

As an author herself, she noticed others were often overwhelmed by this task. Now, she’s on a mission not only to create beautiful and impactful writer websites, but also to dispel some of the myths around how difficult – and costly – a web project should be.

British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to an occasional yearning for afternoon tea and historic homes. Her professional resume includes teaching computing to adults on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as desktop support, entrepreneurship education, and marketing analysis.

When not creating websites, Pauline can be found writing romantic comedy, or calculating how many miles she has to run to justify an extra piece of cake. She loves to travel, but adores coming home, too.

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