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Carrd Videos Now Available

I’m pleased to announce the debut of 2 new YouTube videos to help you with choosing your website platform:

These are the first videos in a series I’ll be releasing in the next few weeks. YouTube Videos Now Available | Pauline Wiles

It’s not my intention to provide a complete YouTube guide to building your own Carrd website (for a better option, join my course waitlist here), but, as a lesser-known website platform, there is plenty I can contribute to help you get to know, and to decide if it’s right for your website needs.

Is a Carrd Website Right for You?

This video covers:

  • Why I love Carrd;
  • When Carrd could be a great choice for you, and when it probably is not;
  • Examples of the type of website you can expect with Carrd;
  • Encouragement to try Carrd for yourself.

Planning for your Website

This video complements my free Website Starter Kit and covers:

  • Website myths you can disregard;
  • How to plan strategically for your website’s purpose;
  • Examples of effective and attractive Carrd website pages;
  • How to incorporate a strong Call to Action (CTA);
  • What content to gather, before you begin.

I’ll be following these videos with further titles, including the basics of creating a Carrd website, troubleshooting in Carrd, and tips to power-up your Carrd site.

In the meantime, you can also read about website costs, and some Carrd concepts which often cause confusion.

This post contains my affiliate link to An excellent free plan is available, or if you choose to upgrade, your purchase rewards me with the equivalent of a large hot chocolate with whipped cream.

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