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Narrowboats in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal / Tim Green
Britain & Travel

Reader Post: An American in Yorkshire

I’m thrilled today to welcome Mary Elizabeth from New Mexico, one of the readers who responded to my request for memories of first visits to England for the free guide I recently released. She related this wonderful story of…

Yorkshire Puddings on Pinterest
Britain & Travel, Tea & Food

Celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day!

Today is apparently Yorkshire Pudding Day and this got me thinking about the various ways to enjoy this special British dish. Firstly, know that Yorkshire Pudding is not a dessert (although it’s so versatile that with a few additions,…

"Leaving" available to purchase from CorinneNatelArt
Britain & Travel

What “Anglophile” Means to Me

If you take even a passing interest British matters, you’re probably as dizzy as I am from all that has happened in the last 3 weeks. In the wake of the Brexit vote, and the subsequent reports of horrendous…

Britain & Travel

Behind the Signs

As a writer, I think I’m more aware of signs than ever, especially those which are quirky, clever or hard-to-fathom. In reviewing the photos from my recent trip, I came across these: During my stay in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, I…

Scone of the month
Britain & Travel

A Welcome Dose of England

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip to England (with two days in Dublin at the end). While I now have my hands full catching up on sleep, laundry, emails, and the day job – not to mention cracking on…