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Queen's Christmas message
For Anglophiles

6 Tips for an Anglophile Christmas

Whether you’re an expat spending the frosty season away from Blighty, or an Anglophile who fancies bringing some authentic touches to your December celebrations, there are now lots of options for adding a British twist to Christmas. Firstly, a…

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For Anglophiles

3 Ways I’ve Become More American

Last week marked eleven years since I moved from London to California. Time, obviously, has flown by… since living here I’ve bought a house, run a marathon, launched a business and published two novels. And while (whilst!) I still…

For Anglophiles

Reader Q&A: Heather and Digestives

Alongside reviews, one of the most rewarding parts of my writing is when readers ask questions about my novels. These can come in many forms, from thoughtful blogger interviews to slightly more random questions from book club attendees. And…

Emma Bridgewater
For Anglophiles

British Gifts in the USA

Since moving from England to California, I’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of British companies whose products are available in the USA (and possibly Canada, too). If you’re located west of the pond but would like to…

For Anglophiles

My Favourite Scottish Things

By my rough calculations, the square mileage of Scotland could fit into my adopted home state of California five times. And seven times as many people live in California than in Caledonia. But despite being a small country, Scotland…