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Holly Banks Full of Angst
Reading & Other Authors

Author Interview: Julie Valerie

Today I’m celebrating a debut from a talented author who has also become a good friend. I “met” Julie Valerie back in 2013 when she kindly reviewed, and helped spread the word, about my first romantic comedy, Saving Saffron…

Reading & Other Authors

My 2019 Reading Challenge

Update, December 2019 According to Goodreads, I’ve read about 40 books this year, however, only a few of them are from this list (Charlotte’s Web, Wild, The Alchemist, and a book set partly in Edinburgh). I also read a…

Author Interview Tracey Gemmell
Reading & Other Authors

Author Interview: Tracey Gemmell

While I was writing Indie With Ease, which publishes this week, I was lucky to connect with no fewer than 15 indie authors who kindly shared their wisdom and contributions for the book. (See who contributed here.) Everyone who…

Do you like surprises in books? | Pauline Wiles
Reading & Other Authors

Do You Like Surprises?

It seems to me that surprises in life, and surprises in books, are two rather different things. In life, I don’t love surprises How about you? Do you feel a special thrill when someone goes to the effort of…

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