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For Anglophiles

What “Anglophile” Means to Me

If you take even a passing interest British matters, you’re probably as dizzy as I am from all that has happened in the last 3 weeks. In the wake of the Brexit vote, and the subsequent reports of horrendous…

Resources for Afternoon Tea | Pauline Wiles
For Anglophiles

10 Delicious Resources for Afternoon Tea

I’m updating this post to bring you my most delicious afternoon tea resources, 2018 edition! These 10 recommendations should set you up for some tasty indulgences, recipe ideas, and delightful inspiration. 1) The original post was inspired by National…

For Anglophiles

Behind the Signs

As a writer, I think I’m more aware of signs than ever, especially those which are quirky, clever or hard-to-fathom. In reviewing the photos from my recent trip, I came across these: During my stay in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, I…

Scone of the month
For Anglophiles

A Welcome Dose of England

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip to England (with two days in Dublin at the end). While I now have my hands full catching up on sleep, laundry, emails, and the day job – not to mention cracking on…

Wimpole Hall
For Anglophiles

5 English Places I Can’t Wait to Revisit

I don’t usually advertise my travel plans online, but since my upcoming adventure is solo and dear hubby is staying home to guard the fort, I’ll confess I’m hopping with excitement for my imminent trip to England. It’s a…

For Anglophiles

50 British Foods to Try Before You Die

A short, sweet post today. I recently created this light-hearted guide to quintessential British foods and am making it available exclusively for my (lovely and loyal) newsletter subscribers. To get your copy, please join my mailing list below. I…

Sur La Table
For Anglophiles

British Cooking Class at Sur La Table

Despite my love of food, particularly high-carb British food, I rarely take the time to bake from scratch. Trying to lose 5 pounds and licking out the mixing bowl are hardly compatible activities, after all. But when I saw…

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