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Thanksgiving in England | Pauline Wiles
Britain & Travel, Mindfulness

Thanksgiving in England

This year I’m spending the fourth Thursday in November – Thanksgiving Day in the USA – in England with family. Having been in the US now for over a decade, I was curious to see how much of this…


Everyday Mindfulness

This year’s Contemplation by Design Summit at Stanford University wraps up tomorrow, but I’ve greatly enjoyed attending as a participant, volunteer, and (this year), speaker. It’s been a wonderful reminder of the importance of building everyday mindfulness into our lives,…

Contemplation by Design Summit
Clutter, Mindfulness, Productivity for Writers

More Mindful, Less Muddle

Update: this event has finished. Catch the replay here. Registration is now open for my session at Stanford University’s free Contemplation by Design Summit on Saturday November 3, 2018. I’ll be presenting More Mindful, Less Muddle, offering a five step…

Easier Meditation | Pauline Wiles

An Easier Approach to Meditation

Chances are, you’re either already practicing meditation or you think it’s a total load of baloney. If you’re in the second camp, please try this: stop thinking of it as meditation, and start thinking of it as practicing paying…