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Serenity Lessons from Thailand | Pauline Wiles

Serenity Lessons from Thailand

What a lucky escape that Thai soccer team had last week. For most of the dramatic cave rescue of the 12 boys and their coach, I was in Malaysia, just a short ferry ride from Thailand where events unfolded…


50 Things to Give Up for Lent

I’ve had loads of visitors from Pinterest looking for this content and since previously it was buried within another post, I’m placing it here so it’s easy to read. This is a popular time of year to consider what…

Serenity Tip: Why So Serious
Mindfulness, Quick Tips

Serenity Tip: Why So Serious?

According to Native American folklore, the first question we ask after we die is: Why was I so serious? Whether or not this is true, and regardless of your beliefs about what comes next after we depart this life,…

Serenity Tip: Own your problems
Mindfulness, Quick Tips

Serenity Tip: Own Your Problem

I heard this snippet at a talk given by Bill Burnett, Executive Director of Stanford University’s Design program and co-author of Designing Your Life. It made me pause because it highlights that there are different types of problem in…