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Purposeful Goals

Reinventing | Pauline Wiles
Purposeful Goals

Reinventing Yourself: Nine Tips

I admit it: part of me wishes I had woken up on my fourteenth birthday with a steadfast desire to be a nurse. Or an astronaut. Or anything, really. It would have been mighty convenient to make every career-related…

Serenity: Happiness, Calm + Purposeful Productivity
Purposeful Goals, Self-care & Stress

How Do I Define Serenity?

Whoops! Well, obviously nobody’s perfect. I sent this to my newsletter subscribers a few weeks ago but apparently neglected to add it to this site. I spent extensive time thinking about what Serenity means and how I define it.…

Gliding and Paddling
Purposeful Goals

January: Gliding or Paddling?

Have you heard the idea of a swan, who on the surface appears to be gliding effortlessly, but underneath the water is paddling vigorously to make it happen? My January feels like that. On the surface, all is relatively…