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Serenity Tip: Bake Bread from Scratch
Quick Tips, Self-care & Stress

Serenity Tip: Bake From Scratch

This is truly a “back to basics” tip. It’s an activity which forces you to slow down, requires gentle concentration and patience, provides the satisfaction of achievement, and nourishes both body and soul. Yes, I’m talking about baking. Ideally,…

Serenity Tip: Ebb and Flow
Quick Tips, Self-care & Stress

Serenity Tip: Ebb and Flow

This may be one of the most timely tips I’ve shared to date: When we’re working towards a goal or lifestyle change, it’s tempting to think, at some point, we’ll arrive. But it’s important to acknowledge that no matter…

Serenity Tip: Why So Serious
Mindfulness, Quick Tips

Serenity Tip: Why So Serious?

According to Native American folklore, the first question we ask after we die is: Why was I so serious? Whether or not this is true, and regardless of your beliefs about what comes next after we depart this life,…