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Serenity: Happiness, Calm + Purposeful Productivity
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How Do I Define Serenity?

Whoops! Well, obviously nobody’s perfect. I sent this to my newsletter subscribers a few weeks ago but apparently neglected to add it to this site. I spent extensive time thinking about what Serenity means and how I define it.…

Waking Up Too Early | Pauline Wiles
Stress & Self-Care

Waking Too Early? What To Do

During the past few weeks I’ve heard from several of you that you’re currently struggling with waking too early. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this is the time of year when our mornings are lightest (with birds chirping…

Packing Tips for Introverts | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits, Stress & Self-Care

Packing Tips for Introverts

I really enjoyed exploring this fascinating blog Introvert Retreat, and was pleased to contribute this guest post where I suggest Introvert Packing Tips. Yes, I really do believe those of us who replenish our energy from being alone need…

14 Days of Self Care
Stress & Self-Care

Free Download: 14 Days of Self Care

It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I’ve seen some bloggers advocating a two-week “advent” of showing someone else how much you love them, but from a serenity perspective, how about putting yourself first for a change?…

25 Things to Do Instead of TV | Pauline Wiles
Stress & Self-Care

25 Things to Do Instead of TV

I came up with this list during my year-long Serenity Project. My focus at the time was Intentional Rest and I noticed that, at the end of the day, the only thing most of us can summon the energy…