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How to do an email audit | Pauline Wiles
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How to Do an Email Audit

Feeling overwhelmed by all the email you get? You’re not alone! Many workers report spending more than 2 hours a day just reading and responding to emails. And with the average person checking email about 15 times a day,…

Time is something you make
Time Management

Time Tips: My Top 5

Time’s been on my mind this week, and not just because I’m off to England for some family fun, and trying to pull a few ends together before I go. So I’ve gathered here the posts containing my most…

Serenity Tip: Switching Activities
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Serenity Tip: Activity Switching

This number startled me. I think it was probably calculated in an office environment, but it might be relevant wherever you spend your days: on average, we switch activities every three minutes. How incredibly sad, that our schedules, to-do…