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Monthly goals for April | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits

Goals for April

If I’m honest, I’m scared about April. Last week I had one of my regular “wobbles” about whether I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in my projects. As usual, this cost me about a day’s productivity, another…

March monthly goals | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits

Goals for March

In Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies structure, I’m an upholder, meaning I don’t need a huge amount of external accountability for my personal goals. Nonetheless, posting monthly goals here has been stunningly effective in keeping me on track! So here…

My Goals for February
Goals & Habits

Goals for February

This is only my second time of posting my monthly goals online… and I have some immediate insights to share! I was shocked how going public with my hoped-for outcomes boosted my efforts. You’ll see below I didn’t achieve…

Purposeful Productivity Manifesto | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits, Time Management

Purposeful Productivity Manifesto

I’m sure the term Purposeful Productivity means a variety of different things to different people. Since starting to use the phrase, and forming this private Facebook group for discussion and support, I’ve really enjoyed getting a variety of perspectives…

Why I'm Sharing My Goals Online | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits

My Goals for January

I’m taking the plunge here: I’ve decided to share a monthly report on my key goals, habits and productivity. Why I’m sharing my goals online Since I write extensively about productivity, I feel I owe you the honesty of…

Reinventing | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits

Reinventing Yourself: Nine Tips

I admit it: part of me wishes I had woken up on my fourteenth birthday with a steadfast desire to be a nurse. Or an astronaut. Or anything, really. It would have been mighty convenient to make every career-related…