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The Joy Of a Small Leap | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits

The Joy Of a Small Leap

There’s one piece of advice which comes up time and again when you’re contemplating a change in life: the sooner you can get your feet wet, and actually live your idea in some small way, the better. Whether it’s…

50 Favorite Productivity Tools | Pauline Wiles
Time Management

50 Free Productivity Tools

The number of apps and services which claim to magically boost our work can be overwhelming. So I’ve gathered here over 50 productivity tools which I particularly like for my writing life and online business. Almost all are free,…

When planning is a bad idea | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits, Time Management

When Planning Is a Bad Idea

If you’ve read more than a handful of my previous articles, you’ll know that I simply LOVE planning. One of my core productivity beliefs is that hard work is only worthwhile if it’s underscored by purpose, and for that,…

productivity podcast roundup
Time Management

Productive Podcasts Roundup

My productivity has taken a huge hit recently. It started with an inspiring but bewildering conference, which, frankly, drove a tank through the recent strategy I’ve been following! Next came a spell of US & UK travel (8 different…

Mid-year 2019 | Pauline Wiles
Goals & Habits

Mid-Year Is Here!

Can you believe we’re already half way through 2019? That news isn’t intended to be alarming, but I encourage you to pause and consider your hopes for the year, and how they’re going. Did you set goals, intentions or…

Insights from Craft+Commerce | Pauline Wiles
Mindset & Mindfulness

Insights from Craft+Commerce

June has really shaken up my routine! I’m currently in England, pretending to do novel research but in reality eating far too many cakes and scones! And last week I was in Boise, Idaho for Craft+Commerce, hosted by ConvertKit.…