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Stress & Self-Care

25 Things to Do Instead of TV | Pauline Wiles
Stress & Self-Care

25 Things to Do Instead of TV

I came up with this list during my year-long Serenity Project. My focus at the time was Intentional Rest and I noticed that, at the end of the day, the only thing most of us can summon the energy…

Overwhelmed Kit | Pauline Wiles
Stress & Self-Care

50 Ideas for Your Overwhelmed Kit

When life gets too daunting and you feel overwhelmed, it can be deeply comforting to have some tried-and-true tactics for regaining your sense of equilibrium. One option I strongly recommend is to build what I call an Overwhelmed Kit,…

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Stress & Self-Care

Glide More, Flap Less

I have a new mantra: Glide More, Flap Less. As of this moment, I’m making a public commitment to go a little easier on myself. I’ve already blogged about the pressure I put myself under to publish Sweet Pursuits…

Stress & Self-Care

Hygge: Small Word, Big Meaning

Is it possible that an entire concept which is missing (or fading) from our frenetic, technology-driven lives can be summed up in just 5 letters? I think perhaps it can. The word is hygge, and it’s Danish. You might…

Stress & Self-Care

Why You Need a Happy File

I recently attended the San Francisco Writers Conference and came home with 101 “To-Do” items. Many of them, fortunately, were on my radar in any case, but I’m feeling an increased urgency to complete tasks which have been on…

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Stress & Self-Care

Best Advice: Surviving Valentine’s Day

It seems we’ve only just made (and lapsed from) our January healthy-eating promises, and now the stores are overflowing with pink candy in heart-shaped boxes. As part of my regular efforts to round up topical advice from the interwebs,…