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Free Mini Website Audit | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Free: Mini Website Audit

July is my business anniversary month – yay! – and to celebrate I’m offering you a free mini website audit. How it works: I’ll review your website and send you between 3 and 10 recommendations for quick (and not-so-quick!)…

Website Color Palette: Summer | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Color Palette Inspiration: Summer

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, we’re approaching the longest day! Although summer 2020 might not be shaping up quite as you imagined, we can still look at dreamy photos and get inspired by them, as the starting point…

New Videos | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Carrd Videos Now Available

I’m pleased to announce the debut of 2 new YouTube videos to help you with choosing your website platform: Is a Website Right for You? Planning for your Website These are the first videos in a series…

45 Step Website Checklist | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

45 Step Website Checklist

Are you ready to create your first website? Is it time to refresh the site you already have? A website project is a significant undertaking, but if you break it down into steps, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and help…

Website Color Tips | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Color Tips for Your Website

One of my favorite parts of website design is working with my client to choose colors for their site. The right colors show off the personality of the website owner, support the message, create an appealing visitor experience, and… Concepts | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

4 Carrd Concepts Explained

I’m a huge fan of for building simple, uncluttered websites. However, intuitive means different things for different people, and if you’ve never dabbled with website tools before, not all the Carrd terminology will make sense right away. Here…

Website Spring Palettes | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Color Palette Inspiration: Spring

I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use a boost from looking at some cheery colors this week! So this is a perfect time to consider website palettes inspired by spring photography. The right colors for your…