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Author website cost | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

How Much Should Your Author Website Cost?

I recently researched the cost of a “typical” author website and was startled by the range of estimates I found. In some scenarios, you get what you pay for. Certain best-selling authors (those who can buy a new home…

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Results from BookBub free promo

I don’t usually share results of book sales/promotions here, but, having benefited greatly from information posted by Joanne Phillips and others, I thought it was time to contribute to the discussion. So, here’s what happened when I offered my…

Book Blog Tour Tips | Pauline Wiles
Other Book Marketing

Ten Tips for a Successful Blog Tour

I’m delighted to be the guest at the popular blog of indie author Joanne Phillips, where I’m sharing my tips for making your book’s blog tour successful. Joanne’s website is a treasure trove of information on writing and publishing,…