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New Videos | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Carrd Videos Now Available

I’m pleased to announce the debut of 2 new YouTube videos to help you with choosing your website platform: Is a Website Right for You? Planning for your Website These are the first videos in a series…

45 Step Website Checklist | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

45 Step Website Checklist

Are you ready to create your first website? Is it time to refresh the site you already have? A website project is a significant undertaking, but if you break it down into steps, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and help…

Website Color Tips | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Color Tips for Your Website

Want to dive deeper into color psychology for your website? Masterclass Bundle: Color Psychology Masterclass (video) Quickstart Guide to Choosing Your Website Colors (video) 40 Done for You Website Color Schemes (swipe file) Buy for $27 Learn more Grab this bundle… Concepts | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

4 Carrd Concepts Explained

Ready to create or update your website? Plan your solopreneur website in a weekend, even if you’re puzzled by technology and design. Website Planning Power Pack Includes: Masterclass, Design Tutorial, Workbook, Ebook, Worksheets, Budget Calculator, Task Planner, Checklists &…

Website Spring Palettes | Pauline Wiles
Website Tips

Color Palette Inspiration: Spring

I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use a boost from looking at some cheery colors this week! So this is a perfect time to consider website palettes inspired by spring photography. The right colors for your…