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Color Palette Inspiration: Summer

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If you’re in the northern hemisphere, we’re approaching the longest day! Although summer 2020 might not be shaping up quite as you imagined, we can still look at dreamy photos and get inspired by them, as the starting point for beautiful website color schemes.

Here are three different options, depending on your preference for cool, hot, or tasty…

As always when you use a photo for website or branding inspiration, make sure you choose:

  • A pale color, usually best for your background;
  • A dark color, for text. This must show up well against your background choice;
  • A reasonably bright color, for buttons and calls-to-action;
  • 1-2 further accent colors, good for variety and personality, for hover text, and so on.

Summer Website Palette 1 | Pauline Wiles

Option 1 – “Summer Breeze”: #2F5F2B ; #869CC0 ; #DFEBF4 ; #5C759D ; #90B168

Summer Website Palette 2 | Pauline Wiles

Option 2 – “Warm Explorer”: #BA563A ; #3D76C1 ; #EBF8F8 ; #C1794D ; #4F647C

Summer Website Palette 3 | Pauline Wiles

Option 3 – “Refreshingly Sweet”: #C87278 ; #334043 ; #E4F1ED ; #862D79 ; #FED785

If you’re unsure about colors for your brand, working from a photo which appeals to you can be an ideal start. More often than not, I adjust colors once I see them acting together on a website, but any of these would be a strong beginning for a fresh site with a positive vibe.

For more ideas like this, you can review my spring, autumn, and winter photography-based palettes.

If you’d like help not just with color choices but with your whole website project, please reach out to me for your complimentary consultation. You bring the ice cream, and I’ll bring the waffle cones!

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