Creative British Translations

I had the pleasure recently of talking to a wonderful group of teachers and educators at their annual meeting. To engage my audience I set them the task (with a prize, of course) of coming up with some creative British translations. They truly excelled themselves in finding alternative, humorous definitions for some British expressions in my books.

Creative British Translations | Pauline Wiles

The results were so impressive I’m sharing a few creative British translations with you here:

Term Alternative Definition What It Really Is
Clotted Cream An udder malfunction. Thick cream, best served on scones.
Punt Smallest puppy in a litter, easy to kick around. A long, low boat, popular in Cambridge and Oxford.
Fortnum & Mason England’s Home Depot? Luxurious London grocery store.
Poppycock Trump. Exclamation meaning nonsense, rubbish.
King’s Cross The Trump team’s excuse for his behavior. Large London rail station.
Fried Eggs A runny hot mess; a couple at the end of a race. Sunny side up (with white all cooked, yolk somewhat runny).
Cadburys Those who buy Cads. Famous British chocolate brand, known for purple wrappers.
Piccadilly The dill pickle in an English sandwich. Busy London intersection.

Special thanks to this group for entering into the fun so willingly and with such creativity.

You can find more extensive definitions of British expressions used in my books and other Anglophile resources here.

What British word(s) do you find most confusing, or amusing?





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