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Goals for April

If I’m honest, I’m scared about April. Last week I had one of my regular “wobbles” about whether I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in my projects. As usual, this cost me about a day’s productivity, another day where I seized pencil and paper to re-plan my grand plans… and then I jumped back in, more zealous than ever about what one woman can achieve!

Nonetheless, I’ve been finding it so helpful to post my monthly goals here, I’m doing it for April too. We’ll see how it goes!

My March results

Publish Indie With Ease through PublishDrive. Done, although I’m uneasy about the ebook formatting at different retailers.
Identify which major edits are needed for for my next novel. Done, although book 4 is still causing me much angst!
Re-read Secrets in the Sky so that future books are consistent. Nope… only read some of it.
Track current Amazon ads, learn & test. I’m really struggling with getting my Amazon ads to show up for potential buyers (low impressions). More head-scratching needed!
Revisit Pinterest & Tailwind approach. Done for now: need to revisit in the summer.
Review my notes from this year’s San Francisco Writers Conference. Done
Sort out the free educational content I’ve “saved”. Done – prioritized, that is, not utilized!
Writer’s promotional content calendar for sale. Done
Draft either a content upgrade or a free e-book. Nope… but I feel much clearer on my content types now! Full steam ahead in April…
Write a guest post for BadRedhead Media; record podcasts with the 85K Writing Challenge. Done
Compile a list of local writing groups where I might speak. Done
Book flight to Boise for this conference. Done
Personal: skiing, marathon support, piano tuning, nutrition challenge, paperwork backlog. Done, except for the nutrition challenge. I embarked on the Always Hungry eating plan instead. I like how I feel, but hate the amount of prep & cooking involved…
Bonus: 2 further interviews, coming soon on the Stop Writing Alone podcast and The Authors Show; got some new headshots for my website; lovely motivating lunch with blogger April Harris.
Habits: Meditated – 26 days / Exercised – 21 days / Followed eating plan – 19 days / Flossed teeth – 29 days / Weight on April 1st – 130.2 / Books finished – 4.

March lessons

  • It’s a pattern for me that every so often I will wonder if I’ve bitten off too much work, and freak out.  Going forward, I aim to see these “wobbles” as part of the process!
  • I’m aiming for a new habit of stopping work at 5pm every day, in order to read for an hour or so.
  • I did much better at not getting sucked into online webinars, summits and other get-rich-quick events!

Monthly goals for April | Pauline Wiles

My April Goals

  • Continue big edits of Ten Things My Husband Hated (novel 4 in this collection).
  • Revamp the ebook covers for novels 1-3.
  • Check in with my beta readers and proofreaders about novel 4’s best-guess timing.
  • Finish scouring Secrets in the Sky for facts & future consistency traps.
  • Approach 2 local writing groups to speak at.
  • Offer 1:1 mentoring slots for writers in need of productivity cheerleading.
  • Seek at least 2 guest blogging opportunities.
  • Create a free resource on my weekly planning process.
  • Start work on a digital product for monthly planning.
  • Make and share 2 short productivity tip videos.
  • Start to get familiar with the speakers at this conference which I’ll be attending.
  • Learn about author box sets and bundles.
  • Personal: another skiing weekend; find a hotel for this triathlon; minor purge: bedroom & closet; buy new bathroom faucets.

Even though I know I’ve bitten off a zealous amount here, I really benefit from the accountability of posting goals publicly. I warmly encourage you to consider sharing at least a few of your goals too!

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  1. Reply
    Julie Valerie
    April 4, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    I can’t wait to read your fourth novel! A continuation of Secrets in the Sky? Are you creating a series bible from the three books or just Secrets? I’m so intrigued.

    1. Reply
      April 4, 2019 at 4:09 pm

      It’s not exactly a continuation, but because it’s set in the same village, with similar supporting characters, I want to be consistent where appropriate, and not fall into the trap of using the same jokes/foods/references time and again! So yes, I’m reading Secrets at the moment but will add the others in.

  2. Reply
    Jean | Delightful Repast
    April 5, 2019 at 6:45 am

    Pauline, I can see by your monthly goals that you are what my late friend Dorothy called “industrious.” I fear I’ve not been very industrious these past two months, but maybe if I followed your example of setting goals … Hey, I’ll make *that* my goal for April! Looking forward to your fourth!

    1. Reply
      April 8, 2019 at 6:14 pm

      Jean, you’re very kind, but as we all know, there’s a fine line between being industrious and being busy-busy just because. These days, I think more of need the skill of taking our foot of the gas! Thanks, as always, for stopping by…

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