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May’s Missed Goals (and Why That’s OK)

May 2019 was a mudslide for me, as far as the goals I had set. So I’m here to confess, and to assert that sometimes it’s okay to miss your hopes by a mile.

The first big problem was I had catastrophically under-estimated the editing I needed to do for novel 4, Ten Things My Husband Hated, if I’m to stay on schedule to release it this November. I realized this early in the month and took the decision that most other goals were going to fall by the wayside.

Secondly, I’ve finally admitted I’m both over-committed and spread too thinly across oodles of projects. I’m going to be dropping some things, so I was doing lots of soul searching about my future direction. Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall, I plan to be more measured in where, why and when I pop up.

Missed goals | Pauline Wiles

My May Results

Complete current phase of edits on my next novel. Yes! Phew! This dominated everything else.
Decide on cover for a Saffron Sweeting box set. Started: I hunted for images to use.
Re-read Sweet Pursuits and add to my “series bible”. Nope. Not even started.
Get ahead with content for June. Yes, although not as much as I’d like.
Share 2 productivity tip videos. Yes, although I’m not at all happy with the quality.
Seek 2 guest blogging opportunities. Nope.
Continue to research speaker topics at this conference. Yes. The ConvertKit team is doing a stunning job of helping attendees know each other before we arrive in Boise.
Brush up on best practice for lead magnets. Nope.
Website tidy up Nope. A plug-in caused several pages to break in mid-May, so I was tail-chasing to fix that. Sigh.
Personal: travel planning ; half marathon; purge linens ; handyman visit. Half done. Another Sigh. The running weekend in Solvang was really fun, though.
Bonus: There’s still snow at Lake Tahoe, so I went for another ski weekend with hubby. At least I was editing in pretty surroundings. And I did yoga with goats, too!
Habits: Meditated – 21 days / Exercised – 23 days / Followed eating plan – only 7 days / Flossed teeth – 28 days / Weight on June 1st – 131.8 / Books finished – 3

May Lessons

  • If one huge project is a true priority, sometimes you have to accept it’s going to demolish your schedule.
  • It’s better to pause and confirm direction, than to be so consumed with current goals you can’t stop and think where you’re heading.

My June Goals

I’m tweaking my content plan: from now I’ll be posting my goals in this private Facebook group. If you’re a writer, please join us!

Not only are goals often personal, but I’m doubtful they’re adding significant value to your experience here. This will free up my blog posting schedule to bring you more ideas and resources on this site which are relevant to you.

I only have 7 nights in my own bed in June. Much of my travel is to be with family, and there’s no point crossing the Atlantic to see them, if I then stick my face in a screen. Suffice to say, my June goals will be exceedingly modest. To be honest, just keeping up with email will be a major achievement!

What does June hold for you? Share intentions below, or in this private group.

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    Julie Valerie
    June 2, 2019 at 4:01 am

    Even in posts where you share your challenges and admit you fell short of your goals, you inspire me. I always learn from you and root for you, Pauline.

    1. Reply
      June 2, 2019 at 8:48 am

      Thanks, Julie. Yes, it makes no sense for me to whitewash my mini failures!

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