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Goals for May (+ April’s lessons)

As predicted, I bit off more than I could chew in April. I’m not surprised I fell short of achieving several goals. But what does surprise me is how much I actually did get done.

Is this proof perhaps, that if you aim for the moon and miss, you still land somewhere stellar?

My April results

Continue big edits of Ten Things My Husband Hated This was a vague goal, but I do feel confident the structure of the book is now much better.
Revamp the ebook covers for novels 1-3. Done. This was a massive amount of work, but I’m totally smitten with the results. See the refreshed covers here.
Finish scouring Secrets in the Sky for facts & future consistency traps. Done.
Approach 2 local writing groups to speak at. No. I decided I don’t have the bandwidth for this at the moment… on hold indefinitely.
Offer 1:1 mentoring slots for writers in need of productivity cheerleading. Done.
Seek at least 2 guest blogging opportunities. Done. Read about Promotion With Your Posse ; Why Don’t Compare is Bad Advice ; and Don’t Give Up!
Create a free resource on my weekly planning process. Done. Get it here.
Make and share 2 short productivity tip videos. I’ve made the videos and have shared 1. This has pained my perfectionist tendencies greatly 🙂
Start work on a digital product for monthly planning. Nope. I decided I needed to slow down a bit and do some website housekeeping, before throwing yet more content on here.
Start to get familiar with the speakers at this conference which I’ll be attending. Started, more time needed.
Learn about author box sets and bundles. Meh. I read some articles, but suspect I’ll have to learn by making mistakes.
Personal: skiing; book a hotel; purge closet; buy new faucets. Done, except for the faucets!
Bonus: Attended a California Writers Club meeting & a meetup about content marketing ; hosted my book club ; interviewed for the Write Through the Roof podcast; several logistics for my summer UK trip.
Habits: Meditated – 25 days / Exercised – 20 days / Followed eating plan – 16 days / Flossed teeth – 29 days / Books finished – 8 (2 of these were children’s classics).

April lessons

  • For most of April, I failed to take my own advice on finishing Loose Ends. About a week before the end of the month, I realized I’d started far too many small projects and for the sake of my sanity, needed to finish some before launching into anything else.
  • I did poorly with my aim of stopping work at 5pm each day. This will carry forward as an intention for May!

Goals for May | Pauline Wiles

My May Goals

  • Complete smaller edits on my next novel.
  • Decide on a cover for a Saffron Sweeting box set.
  • Re-read Sweet Pursuits and add to my “series bible”.
  • Get ahead with content for June, when I have travel coming.
  • Share 2 productivity tip videos.
  • Seek at least 2 guest blogging opportunities.
  • Continue to research speaker topics at this conference.
  • Brush up on best practice for lead magnets.
  • Website tidy up (I do have a detailed list of what that vague notion entails).
  • Personal: travel planning for June ; half marathon here ; minor purge (linens) ; schedule handyman visit.

I’m intentionally being less ambitious for May. June is almost a write-off for me for projects, and I don’t want to start that with a backlog. There are several other things on my Trello board I’d like to get done in May, but the above list of 10 will represent worthwhile progress.

Once again, it’s been startling to me that posting goals here gives me such a boost. I don’t usually lean heavily on others for accountability, but there’s something slightly magical about a public blog post. I warmly encourage you to share your goals too. This Facebook community might be the perfect place and you’re welcome to join us there!

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    Jean | Delightful Repast
    May 2, 2019 at 7:19 am

    Pauline, you are amazing! This is really working for you. My goals for this month are much more modest and could probably be grouped together as “Figuring a few things out!” PS Your refreshed ebook covers look great!

    1. Reply
      May 2, 2019 at 9:00 am

      Thanks, Jean. I’ve found the last few days of a month are especially productive, as I hustle to check things off the list!

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