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Insights from Craft+Commerce

June has really shaken up my routine! I’m currently in England, pretending to do novel research but in reality eating far too many cakes and scones!

And last week I was in Boise, Idaho for Craft+Commerce, hosted by ConvertKit. Kudos to them for a schedule which benefited all creative entrepreneurs, regardless of whether you were a customer or not.

As usual, my introvert energy levels struggled with the always-on conference environment but, just like the San Francisco Writers Conference, I still noted many insights which I’ll be pondering (and acting on!) in the coming weeks.

Insights from Craft+Commerce | Pauline Wiles

Here are a few nuggets which struck me:

  • Choose the one thing you’ll be known for. Even if you’re multi-passionate, you don’t need to make money from all your passions. (Rachel Rodgers)
    > This one was super tough for me to hear.
  • Email marketing: it’s not your job to make everyone on your list like you. It’s your job to show up and help the people who need you. (Tarzan Kay)
    > Like many entrepreneurs, I fear annoying my audience with too many emails.
  • Social media: Success is measured by the number of likes you get. From there, it’s one small step for your self-worth to be measured the same way. Instagram rewards you for how you look, not how you think. (Karen X)
    > In fairness, several people have told me recently they love Instagram. I’m not one of them.
  • That said… looks do still matter. Your website needs to be visually appealing as well as doing its job. We are wired to trust beautiful websites, just like we trust beautiful people. (Brent Coker, via Charli Prangley)
    > Yes; nothing makes me run from a website faster than a cluttered design.
  • When you are out of your depth in a new business area, focus on learning only the next thing you need. Don’t drown yourself in the big picture all the time. (Pat Flynn)
    > Given the chance, I’ll usually attempt to run before I can walk.

And a special introduction to 3 talented women I’d like you to know:

  • The Cookie Vixen: April Pharoah makes delicious shortbread cookies, especially created to pair with wines from the Santa Barbara region. I’m essentially ignorant about wine, but I can confirm the cookies are excellent!
  • Kelsey Baldwin is the graphic designer behind Paper + Oats. Her own story of personal resilience is well worth a look, especially for single parents. Find her book here.
  • Brandi J. Roberts is an artist whose abstract creations can be found on canvas, paper and jewelry. For the month of June 2019, she is donating all proceeds from her art to relieve medical debt for America’s veterans. I hope you’ll check out her work and consider supporting this campaign.

It’s often uncomfortable and usually draining for me to get out and meet new people, but Craft+Commerce was an important reminder that, periodically, it’s well worth making the effort. Plus, I set foot in Idaho for the first time!

Special thanks to all at ConvertKit who worked so hard to inspire and educate us.

Are you planning to attend any conferences, conventions or workshops? I’d love to know which you’d recommend. Maybe next year I’ll see you there!

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    Tracey Gemmell
    June 19, 2019 at 5:07 am

    Great takeaways from Idaho. “Don’t drown yourself in the big picture all the time” resonated with me! Welcome home.

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