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Mid-Year Is Here!

Can you believe we’re already half way through 2019?

That news isn’t intended to be alarming, but I encourage you to pause and consider your hopes for the year, and how they’re going.

Did you set goals, intentions or resolutions in January? If so, dig them out and you might be surprised what you’ve achieved. Or, if you need a little more oomph, this is the perfect opportunity for some fresh motivation!

Mid-year 2019 | Pauline Wiles


I’m drafting this in a hotel room in Edinburgh. Aside from some inevitable travel fatigue, I freely admit my energy needs a boost for the second half of 2019! I worked hard during the first 6 months, but bumped against some small failures which dragged down my morale. And I see now that my projects have been too scattered for me to make significant headway.  In the next few weeks, I’ll be narrowing down my focus accordingly.

Resources for your halfway point

If, like me, you need to review and reset your intentions – whether for something simple like your 2019 reading challenge, or for bigger goals – I’m glad to offer you the following resources.

To review your progress so far:

This post is consistently among my most pinned articles on Pinterest. It was written for the end of the year, but of course can be used as a halfway check too: Questions to Review Your Year

21 Questions to Review Your Year | Pauline Wiles

To set fresh intentions:

If you need an intentions reset, this Resolutions for Writers audio seminar is ideal. Again, it was created with January in mind, but is just as valuable mid-year.

My newsletter subscribers are getting a July discount on this seminar:

Resolutions for Writers seminar | Pauline Wiles

July’s outlook for me

  • Allowing for travel, July will be another “short month” for me.
  • After June’s excitement, my main aim is to re-group and plan for the rest of the year!
  • Replacing my monthly “goals” blog posts here, my new habit is to share my personal goals in this Facebook community. If you’re a writer, consider joining us there to share and discuss your hopes for the second half of 2019!

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