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You have limited time and energy.

Use them well!

When it comes to promoting the work you love, more is not more. I’ve long been fascinated by how to use our precious time and energy only on the tasks which matter most, how to achieve purposeful productivity, and the role that self-care plays in both our effectiveness and happiness.

My philosophy is that authors and service providers like you are best served by keeping your website simple. This is a perfect example of my belief in the importance of mindful marketing.

Free website starter kit

Do you need a new, or better, website? Not sure where to begin?

My Simple Website Starter Kit guides you through the initial decisions you need to make. With 8 clearly explained steps, you’ll feel confident and ready to take action.

Simple Website Starter Kit

Mindful marketing: free resources

Mindful marketing: for writers & authors

As an indie author myself, I’m especially aware of the pitfalls of getting the balance wrong between writing and book promotion!

Although I’m spending most of my efforts these days concentrating on my website design business, I offer you these resources to make the most of your time and energy:

  • Free mini course: Focus for Writers. You’ll receive 5 email lessons with quick, practical steps to improve your focus. Includes a course workbook, bonus videos, and additional downloads.
  • Free webinar replay: 7 Mindset Shifts to Reduce Author Stress. Learn some simple tweaks for indie authors to feel calmer and boost productivity. 37 minutes. Download slides.
  • How to focus your book promotion efforts. Use this quadrant method to prioritize what works.
  • Done For You Content Calendar, for fiction authors. Purchase this content calendar, containing a year’s worth of topics: 7 pages of calendars; 4 pages of bonus ideas; 9 minute audio guide.

Want more resources like this?

Get free tips & tools about simple websites and mindful marketing:

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