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#NaNoProMo and Other Guest Articles

Going on right now: 15 days of amazing content (with prizes) for authors who’d like to learn more about book marketing.

#NaNoProMo (National Novel Promotion Month) is hosted by BadRedhead Media, and stems from the principle that it’s not enough to simply write the book, you have to market it, too.

And, as host Rachel Thomspon says, “Book marketing done correctly isn’t about selling our souls or spamming.”

Indeed. Done right, it can be both fruitful and enjoyable… and not in the least icky.

I warmly encourage you to take a look at the excellent advice (and community) offered by this year’s #NaNoProMo!

Guest post roundup | Pauline Wiles


Recently, I’ve also been featured as a guest writer by some other wonderful blogs. A big thank you to them, and you can find my articles here:

This year, I’m trying to focus more on building authentic relationships with other promotional experts, and to spend a little less time blogging purely on my own site. It’s part of my belief in mindful marketing: that we should be intentional in our efforts to reach a new audience, and evaluate whether our time is well spent.

If you’d like to be featured here as a guest writer, you’ll need to submit an original, well-written article on the topic of website best practice, time management, or mindful marketing. My contact info is here.

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