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New Website Webinar

I’m testing out a new (and free!) website training and would love to know what you think of it.

In this 30-minute webinar, I’ve pulled together 4 of my best secrets for a simple but stunning website.

I’ve talked about some of these concepts elsewhere on this blog and in guest articles, but together they represent my sure-fire tips for the success of your new (or improved) website.

Key things you’ll learn, if you watch:

1. Leave “website overwhelm” behind you.

Keeping it simple is the secret to eliminate that dread of being overwhelmed by the technology and content you need, to either create or makeover your website. You’ll learn how to feel confident in what you need to move forward.

2. Which new website platform is making it easy and affordable to get a professional online presence. is a lesser-known website provider which enables you to own a beautiful, high-impact website. You can set up your site quickly and easily. And it costs far less than you’d expect: a budget of $31 per year is all you need. I love Carrd and am busy telling everyone I can about it!
Affiliate link: I make a small commission if you sign up, which helps support this free training. But you still pay the same as you would otherwise.

3. The 3-part test to see if you’re ready to build your website yourself.

The webinar includes my self-assessment to discover whether you’re ready to create your website on your own.

4. Bonus section: faking professional design!

By popular demand, I share expert tips for how you can imitate sleek and professional website design, even if you’re not a designer.

The new webinar is free and available on-demand. I’d love to know what you think of this as a training experience, which questions it cleared up for you, and any that remain.

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Would you like a free 8-step Simple Website Starter Kit?

With clear explanations and impartial advice, you'll feel ready to make decisions on the purpose of your website, choosing a platform, and the main content you need.

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