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Focus Your Promotional Efforts With the 4 Quadrant Method

For my author friends, I warmly recommend you check out #NaNoProMo. It’s a month-long festival of book promotion tips and writerly giveaways, hosted by Rachel Thompson of BadRedHead Media. The event is named to inspire those who’ve done National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) but is suitable for all authors who are wondering how to get smarter about book marketing. I’m linking here to a guest post I wrote for NaNoProMo: Focus Your Promotional Efforts With the 4 Quadrant Method.

Quadrant Promotion | Pauline Wiles

If, like me, you can feel a little overwhelmed by all the potential promotional opportunities open to writers today, I think you’ll enjoy this tour of the Quadrant Method which I find is a big help in choosing not just writerly activities, but sorting out my projects in other parts of life too.

Click on over to this guest post to learn:

  • What the blank quadrant looks like and how to choose what’s on each axis;
  • Approaches for filling in your choices on the chart;
  • Why you’re unlikely to be able to forecast impact precisely, but how even using gut feel is still useful;
  • Why your enjoyment of an option is important too;
  • What to do once you’ve finished plotting your options, and how to move forward.

My thanks to the team at BadRedheadMedia for hosting this valuable event.

Need more help planning your promotional activities?

Done for you content calendar | Pauline Wiles

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