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Serenity Tip: Defend Your Priorities

Does this tip seem obvious to you? Don’t click away just yet. How many of us truly get our priorities straight and then walk the talk day in, day out? I know I don’t.

  • First, you have to establish your priorities, which might involve an uncomfortable conversation with yourself or loved ones.
  • Then, put the activities which support those priorities in your calendar. Block out slots and set reminders.
  • Thirdly: defend that time fiercely, both from yourself and others.

Serenity Tip: Defend your priorities

If you say (for example), your family is a priority, don’t get caught late at the office four nights out of five. If you say your romantic relationship is important, don’t check your phone constantly during a date-night dinner. If you say you value your health, why did you watch TV last night when you could have walked, danced, stretched, or meditated instead?

My husband is a high priority for me on paper, yet I wonder if he knows it from the way I allocate my time each day. Maybe that needs to be a 2-week serenity topic all of its own…

Have you consciously listed your priorities? Is time for them in your calendar? Please share your tips!

A Spoonful of Serenity

A spoonful of serenityHere are some powerful articles which might help with mindful priorities.

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  1. Reply
    August 25, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    I am useless at protecting my priorities. I blocking out time in my diary for writing then someone says ‘oh can you just…’ and I’m ‘oh I suppose’ and the time is gone.
    This is something I really need to get better at.

    1. Reply
      August 25, 2017 at 2:09 pm

      Sandie, it’s super tricky. In theory, I have a chunk of quality writing time on a Wednesday after work, but it’s staggering how often something else “comes up”.

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