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Serenity Tip: Notice the Sound of Silence

This week I’m encouraging you to join me in building an overwhelm toolkit which incorporates components for each of the five senses.

And today’s tip suggests you engage your ears, but in a way you may have forgotten how to do:

Serenity Tip: notice the sound of silence

How many parts of your day are consistently, entirely silent? How soon after you wake up do you turn on the radio, TV, a playlist or a podcast? Do you drive, take the bus, walk or workout in silence? Do you eat a meal in absolute silence? I’m guessing not.

Great musical composers understand how a lack of sound is an essential piece of their work. Wikipedia discusses notations for about a dozen different lengths of silence. And just as quietude adds to the richness of music, I’d argue that silence, and noticing it, provides an essential change of pace for our ears, our brains, and our souls. If you can’t remember the last time you noticed resounding silence, why not make time today?

A Spoonful of Serenity

A spoonful of serenityHere are further tips and resources which rang a note of recognition with me this week:

  • I signed up for Cozy Camp, which offers weekly prompts for micro-adventures in self care, creativity and kindness.
  • It may be February, but I haven’t quite given up on my quest to find the perfect planner! I’ve been browsing these free printables.
  • You can build your overwhelm kit without spending a penny, but for a bit of inspiration, this hygge article has some attractive suggestions.

On Monday, I’ll be giving an update on my progress with assembling my own overwhelm kit. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, too.



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