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Similar Authors… According to My Readers

One of the unexpected pleasures of reading reviews on Amazon is when readers liken my writing in Saving Saffron Sweeting to authors who are more accomplished and far more famous. I thought I’d take a closer look at three who have been mentioned, to see what I have to live up to:

Sophie Kinsella“I was somewhat reminded of Sophie Kinsella’s stand alone books”

Who: Sophie Kinsella, pen name of Madelaine Sophie Wickham, British, lives in London, age 44
Published novels: 20, some under the Wickham name.
My favourite: Remember Me
Noted for: Writer of the Year, Glamour Magazine (2009). Best Laugh Out Loud Novel, Chick Lit Plus (2010).
What we have in common: We both met our husbands while at university (her: Oxford, me: Canterbury).

Katie Fforde“It reminded me of Katie Fforde’s books”

Who: Katie Fforde, British, lives in Gloucestershire, age 61
Published novels:  23
My favourite: I’ve only actually read Practically Perfect, but the gorgeous covers on Fforde’s website make me keen to read more.
Noted for: Patron, National Short Story Week
What we have in common: Her perfect Saturday includes an afternoon nap.

Jane Green“If you’re a fan of Jane Greene (sic) novels as I am, I’m sure you’ll find Saving Saffron Sweeting entertaining as well!”

Who: Jane Green, pen name of Jane Green Warburg, British, lives in Connecticut, age 46
Published novels: 14 going on 15
My favourite: Swapping Lives. I love books with a transatlantic element!
Noted for: Philanthropic work supporting children’s diseases, breast cancer and public libraries.
What we have in common: She’s held onto her British accent, despite living on the other side of the Pond.

One of the challenges of being a writer with a day job is making the time to read. I would love to say I’ve read everything by these three inspiring novelists, but, while I’m working on that, a big thank you to the reviewers who were kind enough to make the comparison!

Who’s your favourite author in the chick lit / women’s fiction genre?

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